Obtaining a Singapore Renovation Permit


Before your renovation contractor can start on your home project, you will need to apply for a renovation permit with the HDB. The application process is standard procedure for any home renovation. Here are the basics so that you can get your Singapore renovation project started as soon as possible.

If you live in a landed dwelling home or on a private property such as a private apartment building, condominium, cluster housing, or strata-bungalow, you must apply to the BCA, or Building Construction Authority of Singapore. However, it is important to know that every project does not require renovation approval. Depending on the type of work, work that does not impact the structural components of the building is considered to be minor work that does not involve approval. The BCA offers a list on the website as to which items meet the criteria as renovation permit exemptions.

However, you will still need to apply for approval of your renovation if the work to be completed is not listed as one of the renovation permit exemptions. You will need to find a Qualified Person to submit the plans for the renovation to the Commissioner of Building Control of BCA for approval. If the project will also involve changes to the structural integrity of the building, structural plans must also be submitted.

For renovation plans that will affect the façade of the building, authorisation from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is required. An authorised letter from the Chairman of your Management Corporation (MC) must be obtained and submitted to the URA. The letter must indicate the agreement of the MCST with your plan to carry out additions and alteration works.

The plans must also be submitted to the management of the building. The management may require that a deposit be submitted in order to cover any damages that might occur during the course of the renovation. The management will also set forth the hours in which the renovation team is allowed to work.

Carrying out major renovations requires strict compliance with the regulations to obtain the necessary renovation permits. By failing to do what is required, the work will not be authorised by the HDB. To find out more information regarding the application procedure for renovations, visit the MyHDBPage with your SingPass. On the website, you will also be able to obtain a list of contractors that have been approved by the HDB.


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