How to Find the Ideal Singapore Trades Person


Are you uncertain about the average cost of a tradesperson in the city? This advice should eliminate the confusion and help perk up your property from now on.

Finding tradespeople is never easy if you don’t travel in the same circles as they do. When you don’t know what you are looking for, it is even harder. Singapore is a vibrant city with a thriving, bustling economy. There are thousands of businesses trading daily and many in the construction sector. If you need a plumber, glazier, or other skilled worker, you will find them far easier if you keep reading.

Common trades in Singapore

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Trades which are common in Singapore are similar to trades that are common in other parts of the world. You might require a carpenter or joiner, a painter, a renovator, a luxury home builder, or a plumber. Since Singapore gets warm in the summer, there are a plethora of air conditioning technicians, too. Each of these trades folk play a vital role in keeping the city as it is: with a vibrant economy and improved living spaces. 

Uneven pay rates make things difficult.

We should remember that there is still a gender pricing problem in the trades, where unethical garages or builders charge you more based on your sex. Ignoring this issue, pricing within the entire industry is strangely laid out, with grand differences between quotes for the same, single job. Uneven pay rates mean you must call for a quote from several different tradespeople before you find one that works for you.

What if there was a different way to source traders? One where they came to you offering competitive pricing based on your job. One where the traders fought over your business, rather than you having to fight to find a good one. 

Three Ways to Find a Tradesperson Near You

From a kitchen refurbishment company to an interior decorator who can add those special touches to any apartment, you can find the right tradesperson in one of the following ways.

1 – Use an Online Quote Retrieval Service

An online quote retrieval service allows you to advertise the job that you need to complete. This way, tradespeople in Singapore can contact you directly to offer quotes. Instead of you having to track down good quality traders, they will come to you. This lets you compare prices effortlessly and make the correct choice. Another plus of these sites is that they involve reviews and ratings. You can tell at a glance if the operative is right for you.

2 – Recommendations from Word of Mouth

An easy way to find a good tradesperson is to ask your friends and family who they trusted with their building work. Personal referrals have first-hand experience and feedback, so they are almost as useful as a site that compares quotes on tradespeople near you.

3 – Ask the MTI

If you go to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, they may be able to supply you with useful information. They oversee all the tradespeople and their businesses within the city limits. IF they flag a company with warnings then you know not to trust those companies. 

 Finding a Great Trades Person

Remember to consider other factors than price. Quality of work and longevity of the finish are important factors, as are friendliness and dedication to deadlines. Follow these tips for reliable tradespeople and you shouldn’t get ripped off again.

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