Increasing the Exterior Appeal of Commercial Property  

Photo by MYIT on Unsplash

To meet the evolving needs of clients and achieve sustainability goals, property developers in Singapore are including more green space into commercial projects.  Around the world, city planners and businesses have recognized the benefits of urban green areas, attractive building exteriors and outdoor amenities for city workers and residents. As well as helping to mitigate climate change, a well organised and landscaped outdoor space can make a commercial property more aesthetically appealing, whether the aim is to sell the premises or simply welcome more clients to the business. When combined with well-maintained and attractive exterior property features, an engaging and sustainable outdoor space provides numerous benefits to both businesses and their customers.

Landscaping Sustainable Outdoor Spaces

As businesses want to encourage more workers to return to the office, providing amenities without compromising on high-quality environments has become a priority. Studies have shown that attractive outdoor spaces where employees can relax and connect with nature help to decrease stress levels, improve productivity and therefore benefit an organisation’s overall success. In addition, eco-friendly and low maintenance landscaped spaces in commercial developments can be designed to offset carbon emissions, save businesses money and attract clients who prioritise sustainability. Through the introduction of water conservation and native planting to their outdoor spaces, businesses can establish cost-effective landscaping that not only adds to the curb appeal of their premises but also shows a longer-term commitment to tackling climate change.

Adding Attractive Exterior Features

First impressions are important to a commercial business and as well as designing welcoming green spaces, property owners and landlords should consider the aesthetics of a property’s exterior architecture.  Practical additions such as canopies, covered walkways and clear, well-lit paths not only help to create safe and easy access to a property but can also enhance the outside appearance of commercial premises. In addition to adding extra features, regularly cleaning the windows, pressure washing paths and keeping outside areas free of debris will also help to create a good impression on visitors to the building. 

Maintaining Cladding and Facades

As well as keeping the property clean, overseeing regular exterior maintenance is essential in order to preserve the integrity of the building and ensure public safety around the premises. Cladding and facades usually protect large commercial buildings, however, in the UK, issues with the combustibility of certain cladding materials has meant the widespread removal of hazardous coverings to ensure the safety of people living and working in tower blocks. In the US, facade ordinances keep property owners accountable for the routine maintenance of building exteriors. While fitting new building facades is often necessary to protect ageing infrastructure, businesses can choose from a wide range of cladding materials, colours and designs that will also improve the outward appearance of their commercial premises. 

Attractive outdoor space and well-maintained property exteriors bring many benefits to commercial businesses and the people that use them. From landscaped gardens to new cladding, additions to a commercial property can enhance its safety, sustainability and outward appearance. 

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