Contractor Ratings: Part 2

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Recently we did a post on CONTRACTOR RATINGS: HOW THEY HELP YOU. I would like to now explain how ratings are good for both the homeowner and the contractor and how to rate a contractor on Kluje takes ratings very seriously and we believe that they are key to making our platform achieve the desired effect. That is Better Quality Contractors.

Let's start with why it is important to rate contractors on

If you are a homeowner and you are looking for a contractor, how do you know if the contractor is a quality contractor? The best way is to read the ratings other homeowners have left for the contractor you intend to hire. On, all ratings are done by homeowners that have had work done through our platform. There are no external ratings. This is called a 'closed rating system'. 
How do I rate a contractor? Once a job has been done you can select the contractor that did the job. You will now be able to rate the contractor. by clicking on [rate this contractor]. 
If you are a contractor and you are looking for more job leads, how do you ensure that you increase your chances of winning more work? Ratings are a great way to improve your reputation and by having great ratings, homeowners will have more confidence to hire you and help you rise above the competition. 
How do I request a rating? Log in and select jobs. Select purchased jobs and open the job you what a rating for. At the bottom of the page, you will be able to [request a rating]. 

Just remember there are three criteria for giving a rating.

1. Professionalism: This is how the contractor conducts themselves, and their customer service from start to finish. For example; was the contractor late for appointments, did they call first, did they provide a good quotation and receipt, did they specify any warranted on the workmanship, did they clean up once finished, etc? 
2. Quality: This is the finished result. Was the job done to a satisfactory standard?
3. Value: Was the job done within budget? Did the contractor use cheaper materials or was the finished result and quality worth the money spent.?
Leaving a comment can also help explain the reason why you have rated a contractor high or low. Remember that the rating system is there to help both the homeowner and the contractor, so when leaving a rating always take some time to consider all 3 criteria and be fair with how you rate a contractor. Mistakes often happen but it is how we deal with them that's more important. Customer service and recovery are key to building a great business. At we believe that the power of ratings will provide increased accountability and transparency to the industry and will help both homeowners and contractors proactively create a better renovation experience.

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