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Wee Keong Neo
in General Contactor
Asked Tuesday 07 Aug 2018 04:13 AM

Which type of contractors to choose from

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I need a Main contractor (but not Interior Designer as I need only renovation) who can help to oversee a home renovation project, which type of contractor(s) should I choose? Do I need to then select each type of sub contractors for hacking, flooring, plumbing, electrician etc. ?

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2 Answers
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Christopher Asriel Lee

Dear Wee Keong Neo.

In today’s context main contractor is and can be an interior designer. As a main contractor is someone whom undertake whole project from a client. There’s many interior design companies that not just provide design consultancy but can oversee, manage and have a group of subcontractor to undertake the job. You will save more time and hassle by engaging one of such firm.

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Benjamin Tan

Dear Mr Wee,

Renovation contractors and design firms worked hand in hand, technically speaking, the renovation contractors are also called "sub-con" as in layman terms.
Each sub-con bids the contract works with low price or based on relationship with the design firm. Like Walt Disney, he failed his first business because he is too indulged in his animations works. Same like wise, the interior design firm indulged excessive in unnecessary proposal which is nice, but not practical!
You need a project management personnel to handle what is best for you and can control the quality of the sub-cons. it might seems that you are paying a lot more!. No, you don't, a good project management saves you the future maintenance, QC materials and inspect workmanship. These are the crucial issues that you should be looking at, while renovating your house with their knowledge in GFA issues, BCA rules and material comparison etc....

I work as a management consultant in building houses, my time, expertise and knowledge are based on the number of years working with builders, manufacturers, soil laboratory, architect and engineers. Interior designing is just one part of a scope which is secondary after the evaluation of the building foundations.

Please feel free to contact with to get my contact if needed. I am just highlighting facts and speaking the truth instead of indulging in cartoon animations, it works with strong fundamental of business financing knowledge, not just a hobby!


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