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Eton Lau
in General Contactor
Asked Tuesday 27 Aug 2019 07:04 AM

Renovating an old 2 storey shophouse

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Hi! I would like an estimation of cost to renovate a 2 storey shophouse in a poor condition. Revamp into office. Looking at minimal renovations. 1,300 -1400 sqf

Will need to

1) Redo flooring (PVC/Vinyl)
2) Change toilet tiles, sink, toilet bowls and fittings. 2 toilets
3) Painting all walls and ceilings with white matex
4) Install false ceiling and put LED downlights
5) Electrician to rewire unit and re-install air conditioning
6) re-paint staircase
7) change out window grills

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1 Answer
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Mr. Ang. Ser Hock

Dear Sir/Mdm.

Refer to your invited to quote for the above items 1 to 7,

Here are the following need to be certified as follow:-

1. Is this unit belong to the owner or tenant before it can office use.
if for tenant apply reno must need owner approval to convert to office use.

2. At present we are unable to give you an estimation quote base on your items 1 to 7.

3. The reason due to types of materials needs to be use and condition of the internal unit it looks like.
and cost factor in., etc

Thank you.

Agree · Comment · 28 Aug 2019 14:11 PM

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