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Asked Wednesday 05 Sep 2018 01:38 AM

Epoxy Flooring

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We recently renovated our office and had epoxy painting done on the floors. Is there any way to prevent the epoxy from being too slippery? The floor is slippery even when not wet. Thank you.

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Benjamin Tan

Your current epoxy coated floor are nonporous, the surface created can be very smooth. In some cases, even almost like glass. Although this kind of surface is fine when dry, with the introduction of water, snow, mud or oils, it can be slippery.
There are many ways to prevent slippery from the beginning by sprinkling non-slip additives, or fine silica sand, or ground polymer grit (polymer beads that are soft to the skin and feet) to reduce the slippery effects.
Currently, what we have in Singapore is polyurethane base epoxy and can be mixed with some flakes or very fine polymer beads to give a new lease of coated to prevent from being slippery, but you might have to give away the glossy surface.
The curing period might takes more than 48 hours for better results, therefore, you may have to find a long weekend to do the job, or do it in few phases over the weekend as it is potentially hazardous to inhaled the molecules emitted from the epoxy.


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Hi Benjamin. Thank you for your reply. I read that you are a general contractor. We already have the epoxy floor done. In your opinion, other than redoing the epoxy and putting in non-slip additives, is there any other way to lessen the slipperiness?

Agree · 10 Sep 2018 09:56 AM

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