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advice for basic gym renovation

Post by KW Nah on Tuesday 26 Feb 2019 15:22 PM

Hi Sir/ Mdm This is Mr Nah here. Currently, I am bidding for a place to open my gym. Currently, I am doing my renovation quotation and came across your company profile along the way. I wonder if you are keen in this ? Do let me know if you are interested.

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Post by Anonymous on Monday 16 Jul 2018 16:35 PM

Hi, How much would the overlaying of vinyl for an entire unit cost? Approx 900sqft. Thanks

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Hacking and tiling

Post by Jeree Sim on Saturday 02 Jun 2018 02:04 AM

May i know how much is it to hack and tile 2 bedrooms and 1 living room of a 3 room resale flat?

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Laying Laminate Flooring.

Post by Anonymous on Monday 14 May 2018 08:40 AM

I'm about to lay laminate flooring through my home. Going from the entrance hall through the living room and into the back hall. But the entrance hall floor is concrete which is roughly 10mm higher than the rest of the rooms. The entrance is roughly 1.5m by 1m. What is the best way to level this?

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