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Choosing a Plumber or Gasfitter

In the plumbing industry many plumbers are also gasfitters, and they will generally advertise their services as "plumber and gasfitter." This can be confusing and will raise the question; do I need a plumber or a gasfitter? Understanding the trade licensing system and how this system applies to plumbers and gasfitters, the answer to this question will become clear.


Why should you hire a Licensed Plumber or Gasfitter?

Leaving plumbing and gasfitting in the hands of an amateur is not a good idea, as these services are important to your health and safety. Putting your plumbing in the hands of an amateur can lead to a number of problems such as, sewerage leaks, flooding, water contamination and more importantly, LPG and Natural Gas are very volatile substances that are explosive and can cause fires if not handled in the correct manner. For these reasons it is law that you hire licensed plumbers and gasfitters to perform works on your property. It is also law for plumbers and gasfitters to obtain trade licenses before deciding to carry out works on a customer’s property.

It is always tempting to try to do a DIY job yourself, or even trust an unlicensed amateur who appears to know what they’re doing. This is always going to be a very bad idea, and aside from this being very illegal and not to mention very dangerous, you are putting your family and others at risk.



3 reasons you should hire a licensed plumber or gasfitter:

  1. You know the plumber or gasfitter has the correct training to do the job right and safely the first time.
  2. Licensed plumbers and gasfitters will be insured, and will provide a warranty on all their works carried out for a period of up to six years.
  3. You will receive a “certificate of compliance”. This can only be issued by licensed tradesmen who are authorized to do so. If you don’t have a certificate of compliance, and an accident happens within a period of up to 6 years, you will be held legally liable for any damages.


Do I Need a Plumber or a Gasfitter?

If you only need to have general plumbing services done, a plumber with a current plumbers license is all that is required, but if you need any gasfitting work done, then make sure the plumber you are hiring has both plumbing and gasfitting licenses. Simply put, always ensure that the plumber or gasfitter has the correct licenses, and never hire a tradie that is not licensed.

When obtaining quotes for jobs that also require gasfitting, you should specify that you require a plumber who is a licensed gasfitter. If you need gasfitting only, request quotes from gasfitters and ensure that you ask them if they hold a valid gasfitting license for the type of work you require. Never be concerned to ask, because as licensed tradesmen, they will understand and appreciate your concern.


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Tips to Hire a Contractor

  • Ensure contractor is properly licensed
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  • Be clear on what you want done
  • Do your homework on your budget
  • Be clear on the time frame for the job
  • All costs must be included in the estimate
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