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Hiring a Licensed Gasfitter Tradesmen

The safety regulations and standards that are used in Australia make appliances using gas and gasfitting safe. An incompetent or unlicensed gasfitter for repair or installation or a damaged appliance are the reasons for gas to become unsafe. Choosing the right gasfitter tradie is the responsibility of every consumer so the safety chain remains unbroken.


The difference between a licensed and a non-licensed gasfitter

Servicing and installing gas fixtures and appliances can be done by any person that calls himself a gasfitter. A licensed gasfitter tradesmen, on the other hand, has a license to prove that he can expertly repair and/or perform gas installations. While most of us know the difference between the two, what we do not know are the levels of getting a license in gasfitting. The license issued depends on the gasfitting job that needs to be done:

  • Type A Licensing permits a gasfitter tradesmen to legally service or install appliances that fall under the type A category that include gas appliances using light consumption such as hot water heaters, space heaters, and gas cookers.
  • Type B licensing is only issued to a gasfitter tradie who has undergone special training and experience as he is legally permitted to install or service industrial or commercial appliances that use gas for more than 10MJ/hr.

A type A gasfitting license is the requirement for most of the residential gasfitting jobs.



Hiring a Licensed Gasfitter Tradesmen

Hiring a licensed gasfitter must be a transaction that do away with compromise or error. Credentials have to be established before price is discussed which should include:

  • Ensure that the license is updated, current, and valid as well as the correct one to use for the gasfitting job that you need
  • Demand to see a copy of their insurance. The law in every territory and state does not require insurance, but should your gasfitter have one, they have the responsibility of informing you about it and every agreement between you and them must be written down and a copy of the signed agreement with the correct date must be furnished to you.

A compliance certificate must be provided by the gasfitter tradesmen as soon as the work is finished with copies furnished to the governing bodies of the territory or state. All these recorded transactions must be securely held for 5 years by the gasfitter. You may likewise do the same showing clear information about your address, the type of gasfitting job, and the completion date.

Quotes from gasfitters can be accessed further on this site.


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