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How Much Does an Electrical Tradesmen Cost?

Are you wondering about what the cost of hiring an electrical tradesmen? The charges for electrical tradies can be a sensitive issue and typically, the problem comes from not having a deep understanding regarding the ins and outs of the costs. Once you can understand why they have come up with these rates, then you will get to understand why you should acquire the best possible service and rates.


Call Out Fees

Most complaints for high cost and quotes from electrical tradies are normally due been charged a call out fee for those small simple jobs. In some areas in Australia, the local tradesmen will charge this call out fee, but this practice is mostly common in the metropolitan areas around Australia. Call out fees can vary from as low as $40 to as high as $100 and this fee may or may not be include into the first hour's work. To clarify why electrical tradesmen would charge a call out fee, you need to consider the time it takes to drive out to a customer's home and the time to discuss what is needed to do the job. So now if a job takes the tradie only 10 minutes to complete, you need to add the time they have spent driving to your home, the time spent unloaded and reloading their tools to complete the job, not to mention the cost of fuel. Now they have finished you job, they may have to travel all the way across town to the next job. Some Electrical tradies do not charge for a call out, but they may charge extra for the first hour's work to cover the cost as mentioned above. In summery the extra charges cover the travel and set up time it takes to do a small job.


Hourly Rate of an Electrician

In Australia the typically charge for an electrical tradesmen is between $65 and $110 an hour, this is depending on their location and their qualifications. On average, you should expect to be charged about $80 an hour, but you may not necessarily be charged for a full hour's work if the job only take a few minutes to complete. Therefore, if a tradie charges a call out fee of $60 and the job takes 15 minutes to complete, you may only be charged $75 for the full job if the hourly rate for that tradesmen is $60, but this will entirely depend on the tradesmen.

Electrical Tradesmen Cost Saving

Everyone love to save money and finding ways to save on the cost of hiring tradie is not easy. To help you, here are three ways to save on the costs of hiring an electrician tradesmen:

  1. Getting quotes. Try to find a tradie that is close to your home, this can lower the call out fee.
  2. Ask the tradie before get quotes what their call out fees are and to clarify how they work out their hourly rates.
  3. Ask if there is a set rate for specific types of jobs. Some electrical tradesmen will charge set rates for installing light fitting. If a tradie charges $75 per light fitting but the next tradie is more expensive, you should go for the lower quote.


Other Costs to Consider

A lot of tradesmen will charge a higher hourly fee for small jobs than for larger jobs. If you ask an electrician to replace a light fitting, this may only take them a few minutes to complete, so the tradie may have to charge you for the call out fee to cover their time.
Another fee that most people do not consider is a testing fee, this maybe included even if they don’t charge for a call out. Before considering contacting an electrician, be sure that the problem is not something simple like a light bulb or fuse. Remember that anything beyond plugging in something in to test the electricity is a job for a licensed electrician only. Electricity can and will kill and not to mention it is illegal for anyone other than a licensed electrician to carry out electrical work in your home. 
* Note that all cost and prices in this article should be used as a guide only. Cost and prices will vary locally and are subject to the current market forces.


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